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Virginia Round Up: Clinton Won First Debate

by Democratic Party of Virginia

After the first presidential debate, pundits, publications, and voters in Virginia agree: Hillary Clinton won. Hillary came prepared for the debate, and for the job of Commander-in-Chief. By contrast, Trump displayed a lack of knowledge, steadiness, and temperament.

See for yourself:

The Washington Post: "The presidential debate Monday did not absorb just Americans; it was closely followed by adversaries and allies of the United States across the globe. Many of the latter will have new cause for alarm as they reflect on a string of ignorant misstatements and irresponsible assertions by Donald Trump ... Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s ludicrous assertions have serious implications. As Ms. Clinton put it, “words matter when you run for president.” [Editorial, 9/27/2016]

The Washington Post: "The Republican primary process failed, producing a nominee who cynically or ignorantly sells a warped view of reality, disqualifying himself with practically every overheated sentence. ... Mr. Trump claimed the better temperament even as he petulantly hectored and interrupted Ms. Clinton through most of the debate." [Editorial, 9/26/2016]

The Virginian-Pilot: "In Clinton, voters have a candidate generally devoid of flash but well-versed in the type of policy minutia expected of the nation's leader. Her command of the facts and ease with moving from topic to topic, proposal to proposal, was on full display Monday. And it was what, according to most observers, carried her to victory." [Editorial, 9/27/2016]

The Roanoke Times: "Clinton came across steady, prepared, composed, while Trump looked like a guy who’d just wandered in from a bar and suddenly found himself on a presidential debate stage." [Editorial, 9/28/2016]

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: "Democrat Hillary Clinton appeared better prepared for the first presidential debate than Donald Trump, according to Virginia political analysts." [Andrew Cain, 9/27/2016]

The Daily Press: "Virginians think Hillary Clinton's temperament better suits her to be president than does Donald Trump's by an almost two to one margin. ... (the poll) gave Clinton a marginal edge when asked who would do better understanding issues facing active duty military personnel and their families, who would be better at dealing with terrorism threats and at handling trade negotiations." [Dave Ress, 9/27/2016]

WVEC: "When Monday night's presidential debate turned to the topic of race, Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton spoke about a federal housing discrimination lawsuit against Donald Trump and his father, Fred."Donald Trump started his career being sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination because he would not rent apartments in one of his developments to African Americans," said Clinton. ... During the debate, Trump acknowledged the lawsuit but quickly said there was never an admission of guilt. "We settled the suit without no admission of guilt, It was very easy to do. But they sued many people."" [Janet Roach, 9/27/2016]

WDBJ: "I think she's right on target. I think she's accurate. I think she's talking about policies, giving solutions for policies. He's not answering the question," said Roanoke mayor Sherman Lea." [Khiree Stewart, 9/27/2016]