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Virginians: Don’t Get Fooled Again

by Christina Freundlich

A Bush-Gillespie Playbook Could Lead to Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, A Failed Economy, Highest Unemployment in a Generation

Today, George W. Bush will fundraise for his former Counselor in the White House, Ed Gillespie.

Virginians should not be quick to forget what eight years of the Bush White House meant for the country -- tax cuts for the wealthy, exploding the deficit, the worst economic crisis in a generation, and an unemployment rate that doubled over the course of his presidency.

It should be expected that Gillespie would govern the Commonwealth with the same Bush playbook.  Gillespie may be criss crossing the state, talking about his tax plan for “average” families -- but in fact, he’s talking about tax cuts for the rich like himself. Studies have shown that tax cuts for the rich don’t lead to economic growth or job creation.

“The failed economic policies of the Bush-Gillespie era resulted in one of the worst economic crises the country has ever seen,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “Virginians can't afford the same type of budget-busting Bush tax cuts that will lower taxes for the wealthiest and corporations at the expense of working families. If Ed Gillespie wants to give families a break and create jobs across the Commonwealth, he shouldn't execute the same Bush playbook.”