February 9, 2017 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Washington Insider Ed Gillespie Campaigning with Extremist Governor Matt Bevin

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Today, Washington Insider Ed Gillespie is showing Virginians his true priorities by campaigning with Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin - an extreme social crusader best known for igniting a frivolous lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, signing a 20-week abortion ban into law, and unilaterally (& illegally) slashing millions in higher education funds.   
Like Bevin, Washington Insider Ed Gillespie would sign extreme bills from the General Assembly into law - like Virginia Republicans' push to defund Planned Parenthoodban abortions after 20 weeks, and implement a Kim Davis-style discrimination law - measures Governor McAuliffe has vowed to veto. 
This is the third time Ed Gillespie has imported an extreme Republican governor to do his bidding including Nikki Haley and Scott Walker. 
"Ed Gillespie and Matt Bevin share extreme policy positions that would hurt Virginians across the board. For the third time this campaign, Gillespie is relying on out-of-state governors who have hurt citizens in their own states to carry his message. Regardless of what Virginians want, there's no doubt that Gillespie would implement abortion bans, discrimination bills, and education cuts." - Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia.