July 15, 2019 News & Press Releases

!WOW! DPVA out-raises RPV by 19 to 1 margin in June; DPVA has 277 to 1 Cash on Hand Advantage on RPV

by Democratic Party of Virginia

!WOW! DPVA outraises RPV by 19-1 margin in June; DPVA has 277 to 1 Cash on Hand Advantage on RPV

DPVA raised $692,282, RPV raised $36,385; DPVA cash on hand $526,965 to RPV $1,911

Richmond, VA – Heading into the important 2019 legislative elections, the Democratic Party of Virginia announced a shock and awe dominance of the Republican Party of Virginia in fundraising today.

The DPVA raised $690,282 in June compared to the Republican Party of Virginia's $36,385…a ratio of 19 to 1.

The DPVA’s $526,965 cash on hand compared to the RPV’s just $1,911….a ratio of 277 to 1.

“After Republicans cut and run from the July 9 special session after just 90 minutes, they were rightfully called ‘morally bankrupt’. Today makes it clear they are also just straight bankrupt. We have the momentum, the message, the resources and we are on the right side of history. November is coming.” – Jake Rubenstein, Democratic Party of Virginia Communications Director.