October 17, 2022 News & Press Releases

Yesli Vega to Campaign With Putin Sympathizer, Noted Homophobe Tulsi Gabbard

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA  Yesli Vega, a far-right extremist best-known for spreading lies about women’s reproductive health, will campaign with Tusli Gabbard, a Putin sympathizer who has opposed U.S.  aid to Ukraine and has pushed an extreme anti-LGBTQ agenda – promoting conversion therapy and same-sex marriage bans.

During a recent appearance on ‘Hannity’, Tulsi Gabbard could not answer basic questions on the United States' support of Ukraine. When pushed by the Fox News host, who asked, “Once somebody invades a country and kills innocent men, women and children, does the world have an obligation to stop it early, or do you give in to nuclear blackmail?” Gabbard failed to deliver an answer.  

Vega has also fueled the same rhetoric about the brutal conflict erupting in Ukraine. On the John Fredericks Show, Vega was asked point blank if she would work with leaders in Congress to provide U.S. assistance to Ukraine, to which Vega responded that assistance to Ukraine “has to end.”

Putin-apologist Tulsi Gabbard has allied herself with other murderous dictators, like Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Gabbard infamously visited war-torn Syria on a so-called “fact-finding” mission. 

Just like Putin, a notorious homophobe, and al-Assad, so too are his U.S. sycophants Tulsi Gabbard and Yesli Vega. Earlier this year, Vega made clear her anti-LGBTQ stance to a crowd: “As a Christian, I support the traditional definition of marriage.” 

“There’s a reason why Russian propaganda and state-run media loves Tulsi Gabbard: she’s a dangerous fraud. And astonishingly, Yesli Vega’s loyalties seem to lie with this Putin sympathizer, who opposes Ukraine's efforts to fight for its sovereignty,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “Just like Tulsi, Vega is a dangerous fraud. It’s completely vile to see Yesli Vega enlist the support of a war criminal sympathizer and anti-LGBTQ radical to resurrect her failing campaign. It’s a slap in the face to all Ukrainians who have given their lives for their freedom. One thing is clear to Yesli Vega: Putin over America.”