January 12, 2016 Press Releases and Announcements

The Bad, The Ugly, and The Insane: DPVA’s Take on the Republican Agenda in Virginia

by DPVA Communications

January 12, 2016
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The Bad, The Ugly, and The Insane: DPVA’s Take on the Republican Agenda in Virginia

While Democrats work tirelessly to provide Virginians with paid sick leave, equal pay for equal work, and increase the minimum wage, Republicans are on an ideological crusade with bills that discriminate against same-sex couples, prevent working Virginians from climbing the economic ladder, and much more.

“Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be session without a swarm of bills that promote active discrimination and reckless gun measures from the Republicans,” said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia. “Virginia families are concerned about quality education and growing the economy, but Republicans in the General Assembly are poised halt progress and take Virginia back in time.”
SB 48 (Black) – Basically creates an “honor system” for concealed carry permits. Allows anyone who thinks they would pass the criteria to get a permit, to just go ahead and conceal the firearm without a permit. No competency test, no background check depending on where one procures the firearm, and no consequences if one is caught without a permit, if that person is deemed to be someone who might, perhaps qualify for one.

  • Concealed handgun permits. Allows any person who is otherwise eligible to obtain a concealed handgun permit to carry a concealed handgun without a permit anywhere he may lawfully carry a handgun openly within the Commonwealth.

HB 249 (Bob Marshall) – Makes sure that women receive an extra special reminder that they might be subject to entering combat. Make no mistake: this isn’t a bill to provide women information about a policy change – it’s just another example of a double standard, and most likely, a concealed attempt to deter women from entering active combat scenarios. Our women in uniform don’t need the General Assembly to mandate a reminder. This isn’t the first time Marshall stuck his head in military affairs – he sought to ban "active homosexuals” from the Virginia National Guard in 2010.

  • National Guard; recruitment and application policies; female applicants. Requires that female applicants for enlistment in the National Guard be informed that they may be subject to front-line combat. The bill also provides that the recruitment and application policies of the National Guard shall be as prescribed in National Guard regulations.

HJ 63  (Bob Marshall) – Allows the Speaker of the House to initiate political witch hunts and sue Obama, or any other federal entity that doesn’t deny climate change.

  • Speaker of the House; legal counsel. Authorizes the Speaker of the House to employ legal counsel to represent the General Assembly and institute legal action against any federal authority that violates the sovereign rights of the Commonwealth reserved and guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

SB 45 (Carrico) – Sons of Confederate Veterans special license plates. Removes the prohibition of a logo or emblem on the design of the Sons of Confederate Veterans special license plates. [Note: DPVA did not alter this description]
HJ 3 (Lingamfelter) – Attempts to convene a constitutional convention. Would provide representatives from Virginia’s General Assembly and other state legislatures the power to change the United States Constitution. For a group that likes to yell, “We the People” so often, you’d think that Tea Partiers would be satisfied with the Constitution as is.

  •  U.S. Constitution; application for a convention of the states. Makes application to Congress to call a convention of the states to propose amendments to the United States Constitution to restrain the abuse of power by the federal government.

SB 40 (Carrico) - Kim Davis-inspired bill to make it more difficult for same-sex couples to receive a marriage license. The bill would allow clerks to actively discriminate against same-sex couples looking to get a marriage license under the improper guise of “religious freedom.”

  • Issuance of marriage licenses; conscience clause; State Registrar of Vital Records. Provides that a clerk or deputy clerk shall not be required to issue a marriage license if such clerk has an objection to the issuance of such license on personal, ethical, moral, or religious grounds. If the clerk or deputy clerk declines to issue a marriage license on such grounds, the parties contemplating marriage may be issued a license by the State Registrar of Vital Records at a local Department of Motor Vehicles office. The bill directs the State Registrar of Vital Records to develop a process with the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles whereby parties contemplating marriage can request and be issued a marriage license at their local Department of Motor Vehicles office.

HR19, HJ29 (Bob Marshall) – Personhood resolution that would theoretically ban abortions under all circumstances, outlaw many forms of contraception, and certain pregnancy treatments.

  • Beginning of life. Recognizes and finds that the life of the human person commences at conception, also known as fertilization, and that the United States Supreme Court 1973 Roe and Doe decisions striking down state laws criminalizing abortion, which protected preborn children, are based on false science.

HB 79 (Bob Marshall) – Strips Virginia’s colleges and universities of their prerogative to determine whether or not to allow faculty to carry concealed handguns on campus.

  • Possession of concealed handguns; faculty members at public institutions of higher education. Allows full-time faculty members of public institutions of higher education who possess a valid Virginia concealed handgun permit to carry a concealed handgun on campus.

HB 77 (Bob Marshall) – Removes protections against discrimination for people based on sexual orientation and gender identity from the Virginia Human Rights Act.

  • Sex or gender discrimination; applicable federal law. Provides that for the purposes of the Virginia Human Rights Act, an "unlawful discriminatory practice" shall not include conduct that violates any federal administrative policy, rule, or regulation adopted on or after January 1, 2012.

SB 178 (Garrett) – Allows the General Assembly – without research or public safety expertise - to arbitrarily determine whether states meet the qualifications for Virginia to recognize another state’s concealed handgun permit.

  • Concealed handgun permits; reciprocity. Requires the General Assembly to determine whether states meet the statutory qualifications for Virginia to recognize the concealed handgun permit of a person from another state. Under current law, this function is performed by the Superintendent of State Police in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General.