August 16, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

AG Herring on Morning Joe: “You better believe I’m going to stand up” when Trump hurts Virginia

by DPVA Press Office

AG Herring on Morning Joe: "You better believe I'm going to stand up" when Trump hurts Virginia

Richmond, VA -- This morning, Attorney General Mark Herring appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the work that he is doing to protect Virginians' healthcare and to push back against the Trump Administration's reckless and illegal policies that hurt Virginians.


As Attorney General Herring put it:

“As Democratic Attorneys General we have a real opportunity, in fact I would say a responsibility, to serve as a check against a President and an administration that has shown an incredible capacity for pursuing really bad policy and doing it in ways that are oftentimes illegal. And that is all happening in the face of a Congress that has completely abdicated its accountability role. So it’s really fallen to us to make sure that the laws are followed, to make sure the Constitution is followed, and to protect the wellbeing of the residents of our states.”

The hosts also noted the important role Attorney General Herring and his colleagues have in protecting Virginians from the worst impulses of the Trump Administration:

“From protecting fuel efficiency rules to defending the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to challenging the validity of President Trump’s travel ban, Democratic Attorneys General have sued the Trump Administration at a record pace. It’s all part of an unprecedented effort to coordinate legal efforts actions state lines in an attempt to mount an intense battle against the Trump Administration to halt or limit some of its key initiatives.” – Willie Geist, Morning Joe (August 16, 2018)