August 30, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

AUDIO: Dave Brat endorses Corey Stewart behind closed doors

by DPVA Press Office

AUDIO: Dave Brat endorses Corey Stewart behind closed doors

RICHMOND, VA - Dave Brat has finally admitted he supports Corey Stewart. It just took a closed-door event that neither his constituents nor the press could access for him to come clean on Corey.

Yes, Dave Brat supports Corey Stewart.

For months, Dave Brat has ducked and dodged whether he supported Virginia Republican U.S. Senate nominee Corey Stewart. He has run away when questioned, he has dithered by claiming he "doesn't endorse", or that he just "does policy".  But this week, at an event closed to the public and press, Dave Brat (in audio obtained by Richmond2Day) admitted what many suspected all along....he is ALL IN with Corey Stewart.

At the event an attendee asked Brat point blank, “So, are you backing Corey Stewart?” 

Brat, for the first the comfort of a private closed-door event, answered the Corey Question.

“Yeah. I am clear on all of this, on the president, on Corey Stewart, on anyone, it is just the Republican creed.”

This leaves the question, why did it take Dave Brat so long to admit he supports his party’s standard-bearer? And will he now announce his support publicly, not just behind closed doors?

Dave Brat, scared of "women in his grill", scared of town halls, scared of the press, scared to tell his constituents that yes indeed, he supports Corey Stewart.