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Awkward…Republican Governors Association (RGA) attacks Enron Ed?

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Well, this is awkward…

Yesterday, the Republican Governors Association (RGA) released an attack ad on Democratic Indiana gubernatorial candidate John Gregg, slamming him for working for Enron.

If this sounds familiar it should: Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie made a fortune lobbying for “scandal-ridden” Enron - the company that committed the worst corporate fraud in American history.

"If the Republican Governors Association wants to pin anyone as a Washington Insider who cashed out on the Enron scandal, they can look no further than their own insider Ed Gillespie. Enron Ed got a hefty check from the ‘scandal-ridden’ company after 20,000 workers got the pink slip – will the RGA denounce him too?," said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia.


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