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As the Bushes Speak Out, Ed Gillespie is Still Too Chicken to Stand Up to Donald Trump

by Democratic Party of Virginia

As the Bushes Speak Out, Ed Gillespie is Still Too Chicken to Stand Up to Donald Trump

The Trump chicken is trailing Gillespie to highlight his refusal to stand up to Donald Trump.

In a jaw-dropping article published this morning, The New York Times reported that Ed Gillespie’s old boss George W. Bush and his father are disgusted with Donald Trump’s presidency — and deeply worried about its impact on the country. According to the article, George W. Bush “thinks Mr. Trump fans public anger and came to office without any understanding of the job.” 41 has an even blunter assessment of the Donald, calling Trump a “blowhard.”

The two former Republican presidents’ willingness to criticize Trump only further highlights Gillespie’s refusal to break with Trump — and his seeming embrace of the President’s policy agenda. Just yesterday, Gillespie defended President Trump’s actions to sabotage the Affordable Care Act —which will sabotage health insurance markets, dramatically raise rates for Virginians, and throw thousands off their health insurance. And, despite spending decades fighting tax increase, Gillespie has yet to speak out Donald Trump’s plan to raise taxes on Virginia families by over $800.

Instead, Gillespie is ending his campaign by fully embracing the Trump playbook. Just yesterday, ThinkProgress reported that the Gillespie campaign had sent out a mailer criticizing players who take the knee during the National Anthem — a move that explicitly “plays on hatred of black NFL protesters”. And this afternoon, the Washington Postpublished a scathing editorial condemning Gillespie for “embracing President Trump’s inflammatory political tone” and running ads that “crashed through the guardrails of decency.”

Gillespie’s cynical campaign — and refusal to stand up to the President — seems to be falling flat with Virginians. His event with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan in NoVA this morning had only 100 attendees — just the latest sign of dampening enthusiasm on the Republican side.

Washington Post: Editorial:  Ed Gillespie wages war on his own principles
Since then, however, Mr. Gillespie has doubled down on the politics of divisiveness and fear. His campaign’s thrust has not been just a dog whistle to the intolerant, racially resentful parts of the Republican base; it’s been a mating call.

New York Times: Both Bush Presidents Worry Trump Is Blowing Up the G.O.P.
President Trump is not a favorite in the extended Bush household. Former PresidentGeorge Bush considers him a “blowhard,” only interested in feeding his own ego. Former President George W. Bush, his son, thinks Mr. Trump fans public anger and came to office without any understanding of the job.

ThinkProgress: Gillespie campaign’s final push for votes plays on hatred of black NFL protesters
Weeks after President Donald Trump ignited a firestorm by arguing for the NFL to fire any player who protested systemic racism by taking a knee during the national anthem, Republican Ed Gillespie is trying to use his base’s hatred of the protesting players to make a last-minute push for votes in the hotly-contested Virginia governor’s race.

Blue Virginia: Audio: Ed Gillespie Blames Obama for Trump’s Sabotage of Affordable Care Act
There’s absolutely no question that Republicans – starting with Donald Trump – have been sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. Which makes Ed Gillespie’s answer, on the radio this morning, so utterly Orwellian (what next, hot is cold? up is down? truth is lie?)  – “the fact is, this has occurred without President Trump, this is a result of the Obama administration.”