June 28, 2017 Press Releases and Announcements

Caught on Tape: Gillespie Ducks Again on Trumpcare

by Christina Freundlich

Gillespie Says He Is Still “Taking A Look At It”

Another day, another event where Ed Gillespie ducks on the latest Trumpcare bill. Yesterday afternoon, Gillespie said it’s because he is still “taking a look at it.”


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The Washington Post reported:


Even in a quick stop at a barbecue joint in Alexandria, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie found voters eager for views on his fellow Republicans who, a few miles away in the U.S. Capitol, are trying to overhaul health care.


“What do you think about the Senate health-care bill?” one woman asked as Gillespie finished chatting up the manager of Pork Barrel BBQ on Tuesday.


“Do you take a stand on Obamacare?” another woman asked after he greeted her a few minutes later.”


“Ed Gillespie is ducking on Trumpcare just like he is ducking so many other pressing issues facing Virginians,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “It’s time for Gillespie to be straightforward with Virginians on if he will stand alongside Trump and take away care for over a half million Virginians, or if he plans to stand up against Trump and protect the millions of Virginians with pre-existing conditions and those who rely on Medicaid.”


Here’s just a few other examples where Gillespie has ducked on the health care bill:


  • Inside NOVA: “But when it came time to discuss the Senate GOP’s newly revealed ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act,” Gillespie clammed up a bit.”


  • Washington Post: “Gillespie called the draft Senate bill an ‘important step forward’ in repealing the Affordable Care Act, but he declined to take a position, saying he was reviewing the legislation.”


  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Ed Gillespie, the GOP nominee for governor, said in a statement that he looks forward to ‘thoroughly reviewing’ the proposal’s effect on Virginia. Lt. Gov. Ralph S. Northam, the Democratic nominee, denounced the Senate GOP bill and called on Gillespie to clarify his position.”


  • Inside NOVA: “Yet Gillespie wouldn’t say how he’d cope with the bill’s proposed Medicaid cuts as governor, stressing that he would pursue ways to ‘expand access and coverage and affordability’ no matter what comes out of Congress.”


  • @AlexKomaIN: “@EdWGillespie stops by Todos Supermarket in Woodbridge.Demurs on comment on Senate’s healthcare bill. #VAGOV”


  • @RTDSchapiro: “Actually, that’s an interesting thought: When will @EdWGillespie say something substantive about the GOP health care gambit?”