October 2, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

Dave Brat is living a “DOUBLE LIFE”

by DPVA Press Office


Fire breathing Tea Party agitator one minute, establishment Republican the next: Who is Dave Brat?

RICHMOND, VA – Who is Dave Brat?

After an eye-opening exposé published this morning by POLITICO, "Who is Dave Brat?" must be the question that’s on the minds of Brat's constituents in Virginia's 7th Congressional District. As Brat is virtually tied with CIA veteran Abigail Spanberger, this new reporting shows that Brat is masquerading as an outsider, Tea Party Republican in his district while shamelessly trying to score points with special interests and the establishment wing up in the comfort of Washington D.C...

Take Dave Brat. At a private fundraiser in early September, the Virginia Republican joked to a roomful of Republicans about how he mimics archconservative House Freedom Caucus founder Jim Jordan on Fox News when discussing the FBI’s Russia investigation. He then encouraged Sebastian Gorka, a controversial former adviser to President Donald Trump, to get involved in Brat's campaign to gin up the base, according to a recording of the private event obtained by POLITICO.

But in TV ads, Brat has touted his work on issues that transcend party lines. One of them features images of puppies playing with children, and a narrator touting the congressman's work “to stop a federal agency from conducting cruel medical research on dogs.”

POLITICO's reporting uncovered a wild scene from a recent fundraiser Brat did with Freedom Caucus co-founder Jim Jordan and Donald Trump/Steve Bannon conspiracy theorist Sebastian Gorka. At this event, Brat shows no interest in bread and butter issues of VA-07, but rather blindly defends policies that hurt families and brags about his rants on the Russia Dossier while on Fox News.

Oh, and Brat, Gorka, and Jordan take in some "Lock her up" chants for good measure....

At the Sept. 7 fundraiser, Brat was clearly targeting the partisans. Jordan opened the evening by praising Trump, an introduction occasionally interrupted by shouts of “build the wall!” and “lock her up!”

Brat applauded Jordan, adding that he’d “be a good speaker.” Then he launched into a story about how he recently parroted Jordan, an FBI and Russia investigation critic, on TV.

“They had me go on Fox today; I had to talk about the dossier and all that stuff,” Brat, a former economics professor, said. “So I got all nervous because I just know economics. So last night I did what any rational person would do: I got a press conference with Jim Jordan speaking the day before and copied it today on the news. It went real well!”

The room cheered.

Democratic Party of Virginia Communications Director Jake Rubenstein said the following of Rep. Brat's double life, "VA-07 voters should not have to guess which Dave Brat they are going to get on a daily basis. Whether he is a radical conspiracy theorist or a fake crusader for dog research, what we do know about Dave is just like many phony Republican politicians in Washington, the only thing he cares about is his own re-election. It’s time for change."