October 10, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

Denver Riggleman Shows His True Colors at 5th VA-05 Debate

by DPVA Press Office

Denver Riggleman Shows His True Colors at 5th VA-05 Debate

Richmond, VA -- During Monday's 5th VA-05 debate between Leslie Cockburn and Denver Riggleman, the Republican's true colors were on full display as he recited far-right talking point after far-right talking point.

Here are some of Denver's most ridiculous statements from last night's debate:

First, when it came to taking measures to make healthcare affordable and accessible to Virginians across the Fifth District, Riggleman brushed the issue aside stating…

“I do not believe healthcare is a basic human right.”

Then, after a local student brought of her growing concerns over sexual assault prevention and awareness, Riggleman blurted out…

“I think a lot of it comes to educating females specifically in the fraternities and sororities.”

At one point, Riggleman went on an incoherent and disjointed rant, after a student referenced the mounting threat of climate change, stating…

“What I don't want to do is to have science become a religion where we're taking jobs away from people rather than having some incremental way of making sure that change happens.”

Next, when asked about what he would do to protect net neutrality and access to a fair and free internet, Riggleman commented that...

“I don't not [support net neutrality]. That's it.”

Later, during commentary on his opposition to raising the minimum wage to a living wage, Riggleman mocked the fact that today’s economy has rapidly evolved from the economy of past stating that…

“For me, I worked my way to community college. If I did minimum wage, I was happy with it because minimum wage jobs, sometimes, aren't for a job that you could take long term or keep long term.”

And in a backwards attempt to shy away from his adamant support for and promise to join the far-right Freedom Caucus if elected, Riggleman ridiculously implied that...

“I can join the Freedom Caucus and vote the way I want.”


Denver Riggleman’s embarrassing performance Monday night is just another reason Virginians in the 5th Congressional District have to reject Riggleman and the same failed GOP policies he'll support in Washington.