September 25, 2015 Press Releases and Announcements

Dick Black Tried “Just” A Mom Card; Electeds Condemn

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Senator Dick Black (R-Sexist)

Last night, Dick Black's since-deleted braggadocious tweet managed to lob an unfair and sexist attack on working mothers everywhere. By listing an extensive array of pursuits in comparison to his opponent, pediatrician Dr. Jill McCabe, Black sought to paint himself as more accomplished, citing such activities as being a "herpetologist" while downplaying McCabe's role as a mother. And a doctor. And a small business owner. And many of the other ways she spends her time -- not listed by Black, of course.
While some of Black's resume-padders are laughable, his sexist views on motherhood aren't. Virginia women have heard this one before, and are not letting it slide.
"Dick Black's unabashed sexism is one of the many reasons voters must replace him this November. Dr. Jill McCabe is an incredibly accomplished emergency room pediatrician, education advocate and of course, a mother of two. For Dick Black to cheapen any of that is offensive," said Senator Barbara Favola, mother to one.
"As a doctor, I know a thing or two about what goes into balancing a medical career with a campaign and a family. It's completely offensive to men and women to downplay Jill’s accomplishments, professionally and personally," said Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, father to two.
"I am deeply offended by Dick Black’s chauvinistic attempt to diminish Dr. Jill McCabe’s many accomplishments. Both 'doctor' and 'mother' are impressive titles on their own, and I certainly know how hard it is to juggle raising children with the demands of a professional career. Senator Black's patronizing remarks prove just how out-of-touch he is with Loudoun families," said Senator Jennifer Wexton, mother to two.
"Dick Black thinks being a 'reptile enthusiast' is a more legitimate qualification than being a mother and a doctor? Seriously? He's a snake," said Delegate Kathleen Murphy, mother to six.