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Donald Trump Is Trying to Raise Taxes on Virginians. Will Ed Gillespie Finally Stand Up to the President? 

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Donald Trump Is Trying to Raise Taxes on Virginians. Will Ed Gillespie Finally Stand Up to the President? 

Just Like Gillespie, Trump Has Proposed a Tax Plan That’s Good for the Rich — at the Expense of the Middle Class

Donald Trump’s tax plan is finally out — and it would have a devastating impact on Virginians. According to a new report by Americans Against Double Taxation, Trump’s proposal to eliminate income and sales tax deduction would mean a $864.26 tax hike for middle-class homeowners in Virginia.

Virginia taxpayers would be among the hardest hit by Trump’s tax plan. So far, Ed Gillespie has not come out against Trump’s proposed middle class tax hike on Virginia.

The President’s tax plan poses an almost existential challenge for the Gillespie campaign. Gillespie’s entire candidacy has been based around two pillars: allegiance to President Trump and massive tax cuts for the wealthy. Yet the Trump proposal effectively raises taxes on Virginians — something Ed Gillespie has said he is adamantly opposed to. Gillespie has refused to break with the President on any major policy proposal — including Trumpcare and the Muslim Ban.

Gillespie may be silent on the Trump proposal because it bears a striking resemblance to his own tax plan. Trump’s proposed elimination of the income and sales tax deduction would likely cause a “backdoor hit” on revenue that would trigger cuts to public education and health care. Independent analysts have found that Ed Gillespie’s tax plan would create an approximately $1.4 billion hole in the Virginia budget -- and also trigger stark cuts to education and health care.

“Is Ed Gillespie so beholden to Donald Trump that he won’t even oppose the President’s plan to raise taxes on Virginians?” said DPVA spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “This is a moment of reckoning for Gillespie. Will he finally stand up to Donald Trump and denounce the President’s effort to raise taxes on Virginia's middle class — or will he once again stay silent? For decades, Ed Gillespie has claimed he cares about lowering taxes. He should prove it and speak out against Donald Trump.”