June 16, 2017 Press Releases and Announcements

Ed Gillespie and Scott Walker Open to Waivers That Could Skyrocket Costs for Those with Pre-Existing Conditions

by Christina Freundlich

Scott Walker Was The First To Announce He’s Explore Raising Rates on Those With Pre-Existing Conditions; Ed Gillespie Soon Followed His Lead

Trump-Gillespie Health Care Plan Could Increase Costs for 1,344,000 Virginians with Pre-Existing Conditions

If the Trump-Gillespie health care plan were ever to become a law, Virginia’s next governor will have to make the critical decision of whether to request a waiver allowing insurance companies to raise rates on Virginians with pre-existing conditions.

After Republican Governors Association Chair Scott Walker said he would consider exploring plans under Trumpcare to raise premiums on those with pre-existing conditions in Wisconsin, Ed Gillespie soon followed his lead and said he would consider the same in Virginia.

Waiving community ratings means insurers could increase premiums by “unlimited amounts” for people with pre-existing conditions, and could once again discriminate against people based on their medical history.

Walker and Gillespie campaigning together also comes the day after a new report was released finding that Trumpcare will increase premiums -- especially increase costs for older Americans. In Virginia alone, these premium increases would average to about $972.

“Falling in line with President Trump, Ed Gillespie wants to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions and let insurers jack up their rates as much as they want,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “For over a million Virginians, a Trump-Gillespie plan could mean bankruptcy, but for others, it could mean a death sentence. The only way Virginians are going to be able to protect health care for those who need it most is by electing Ralph Northam as governor this fall.”