September 6, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

GOP and Brat use Trump’s Dirty Playbook in False Attack on Spanberger

by DPVA Press Office


RICHMOND, VA – Dave Brat who has been Donald Trump's wingman from Day One, has not only mirrored his policies in Congress, but has now taken another page out of his playbook as he deploys appalling political smear tactics on the campaign trail.

In yet another sad, desperate, and underhanded attempt by Congressman Brat's allies to distract from the fact that he has failed Virginia's 7th District, a Republican Super PAC has taken to weaponizing Democrat Abigail Spanberger’s (VA-07) private information in her legally protected and confidential National Security Questionnaire. This stunning ploy was condemned by members of our military and national security community who believed that their private information must not be used for partisan politics. Brat then repeated attacks from this breach in a recent radio appearance.

As a former CIA case officer who worked on counterterrorism around the world, Abigail Spanberger has been all that Dave Brat isn’t – a selfless American who has dedicated her life to protecting her country. Spanberger, who has been trusted by our nation’s top security officials with some of the nation's most vital security information (Top Secret security clearance), is running on her sterling record and has nothing to hide from the voters of Virginia's 7th District. It is absurd and unpatriotic for Congressman Brat and his Washington cronies to insinuate anything less.

This gross mischaracterization of Abigail Spanberger will not go unnoticed by the voters of VA-07. They deserve better.