September 3, 2019 Press Releases and Announcements

GOP Sen. Amanda Chase to Campaign with Alex Jones Defender and Conspiracy Theorist Joy Villa

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Republican Senator Amanda Chase To Campaign With Alex Jones Defender and Conspiracy Theorist Joy Villa

Like fellow conspiracy theorist President Trump, Villa blamed “both sides” for Charlottesville 2017 deaths; Villa to appear in Richmond with Sen. Chase

RICHMOND, VA - Like many other Virginia Republicans, Senator Amanda Chase is well known for her extreme rhetoric that often mirrors President Trump's. She's faced sharp criticism for blaming rape victims for being "naive and unprepared," demeaning Virginia Capitol Police and calling the Clerk of the Senate “Miss Piggy,” claiming the Equal Rights Amendment would "eliminate gender," and calling for more guns in public spaces after recent mass shootings.

In a competitive election year when Republicans are already at risk of losing control of the Senate and President Trump is underwater with Virginia voters, Chase is doubling down on her far-right views.

This week she will host a campaign fundraiser with Joy Villa, a pro-Trump artist with her own track record of extremism. Villa is best known for wearing a "Make America Great Again" dress to the Grammy Awards, but she's frequently crossed the line into promoting dangerous conspiracy theories and siding with white nationalists. 

After the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, Amanda Chase’s “special guest” Villa, like Conspiracist-in-Chief Trump, blamed "extremists on both sides" for drawing attention to the events and chose to attack the media rather than condemn the Neo-Nazis who came to the city.

Villa has a history of similar conspiracy theories and white nationalist sympathies: 

  • She defended Alex Jones and criticized the removal of his content from YouTube. Jones is famous for spreading far-right conspiracies about mass shootings and propagating racist attacks against Barack Obama. 
  • She once claimed Senator Kamala Harris paid Jussie Smollett to fake a hate crime against himself while appearing on Jones's InfoWars show. 
  • She praised white nationalist activist Mike Cernovich as “phenomenal.” Cernovich helped spread the PizzaGate conspiracy and has a history of misogynistic writing.

"Virginians have been steadfast in their rejection of the kind of hate that Trump, Chase, and Villa promote. Unfortunately, Amanda Chase and the rest of the Virginia GOP have apparently decided that being as extreme as possible and bringing the most offensive people to campaign with them is the best way to win. They should ask Corey Stewart and Ed Gillespie how that worked out for them," said DPVA Press Secretary Grant Fox.