May 22, 2017 Press Releases and Announcements

“Mimicking Trump”: Gillespie’s New Regulations Plan Modeled After Trump Executive Order

by Christina Freundlich

Gillespie’s Newest Campaign Platform Adds to Long List of Trump-Gillespie Agenda Items

The newest campaign platform today released by Ed Gillespie “is similar to to an executive order signed by President Donald Trump shortly after he took office in January,” the Virginian Pilot reported this morning.


In fact, that Pilot said that the plan was “Mimicking Trump.”


This new Trump-Gillespie regulations plan comes on the same week that the Washington Post found that Donald Trump only has a 36% approval rating in Virginia, and out of the three candidates running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Virginia, Ed Gillespie is seen as the closest aligned to Donald Trump.


But the Trump-Gillespie agenda goes far beyond regulations. Just like Donald Trump, Ed Gillespie said Trump’s travel ban was a “rational step,” is open to a waiver that could skyrocket costs for Virginians with pre-existing conditions, and would like to restrict women’s access to abortion.


“‘Mimicking Trump’ should be the new tagline for the Gillespie 2017 campaign, because their ideas on how to govern Virginia and the country couldn’t be more closely aligned,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “Once again, a vote for Gillespie is a vote to bring Donald Trump and his administration’s agenda to state government in Virginia.”