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NEW: Ed Gillespie Invites Donald Trump to Join Him on the Campaign Trail

by Democratic Party of Virginia

NEW: Ed Gillespie Invites Donald Trump to Join Him on the Campaign Trail 

On Today’s John Fredericks Show, Gillespie Invites Trump and His Cabinet to Virginia

This morning on The John Fredericks Show, Ed Gillespie once again invited Donald Trump — and other senior officials in the Trump cabinet — to campaign for him. The invitation raises the prospect that not only Trump but other “cabinet members” — including Betsy DeVos — will join Gillespie on the campaign trail.


Gillespie’s invitation is just the latest indication that Gillespie has fully embraced Donald Trump in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Charlottesville. For 32 days, Gillespie has refused to call out Donald Trump for defending the white supremacists. Instead of breaking with the President, Ed Gillespie has hired his former staffer Jack Morgan (a noted conspiracy theorist), adopted the President’s toxic, fact-free rhetoric, and mimicked the President’s attacks on the media.

“The fact that Ed Gillespie is inviting Donald Trump to join him on the campaign trail shows just how committed he is to being Donald Trump’s top lobbyist in Virginia,” saidDPVA spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “Donald Trump has a 28 percent approval rating in Virginia and lost the state by 5 points — but I guess as Ed Gillespie said himself, he needs all the help he can get.”


Fredericks: Okay, so thank you because that thing has been out there. Okay, final question, Trump. There's rumors flying out there that you're not comfortable having the President come to Virginia for a rally. I just want to put this to bed right now at 7:57 a.m. If the administration- if the political office of the president calls your campaign up and says we would like to come for you and do a rally. If that phone call came would you do a rally with President Trump, yes or no?

Gillespie: John as I've said from the get-go I would take all the help I can get in this campaign. This is going to be a close race and the President, the Vice President, you know Vice President Pence was set to come in to do an event with me it had to get moved. But you know governors, cabinet members, you know I'll take all the help I can get. We've got to win this race and it's going to be close.

Fredericks: Okay so including the President, anybody that comes in you're open to it in order to put you over the top is that- that's I don't think you can get any clearer than that right?

Gillespie:  Right.