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Race to the Right: Ed Gillespie Wants To Ban Abortion and Bring HB2 to Virginia

by Christina Freundlich

Huffington Post: “Ed Gillespie, Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate, Wants Abortion ‘Banned’”

Gay RVA: ‘“Moderate’ GOP Gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie thinks Virginia needs an HB2-style bathroom bill”

In the latest edition of the Virginia gubernatorial race to the right, Ed Gillespie is trying to out-right Corey Stewart by promoting his support of bringing North Carolina’s HB2 law to Virginia and saying he wants to “ban” abortion.

Gay RVA reported that at the Amherst County GOP forum over the weekend, Gillespie convened his support for a bill that is not only offensive, but could cost Virginia billions in revenue:

“This isn’t about bathrooms alone. It’s also about compelling teenage girls to share locker room showers with teenage boys. It’s about compelling teenage girls to have to stay in a hotel with a teenage boy on an overnight band trip. And the fact is, we have to make clear, that we are going to protect our children from that. We are not going to allow for that to happen.”

At the same debate, Gillespie said he would like to see “abortion be banned,” and claims that abortion is “not the law of the land today,” -- making the most sweeping claim yet on revoking women’s rights in the Commonwealth.

“Ed Gillespie showcased his far right agenda this past weekend by touting his plans to bring HB2 to Virginia and ban abortion,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “Discrimination against the LGBT community and flat out revoking women’s healthcare rights is the type of backwards, far-right agenda that Virginians are looking to leave in the past.

“Ed Gillespie is now showcasing that he will govern Richmond with the same type of anti-LGBT and anti-women policies of the Trump administration.”