May 25, 2017 Press Releases and Announcements

Silence from Ed Gillespie on Trump’s Devastating Budget and CBO Score

by Christina Freundlich

Yet Gillespie Says That His Administration Would “Stand Up” To Federal Government

President Trump’s proposed budget is devastating for working and poor families across the country. It will cut hundreds of billions in Medicaid over the next 10 years, completely defund the Chesapeake Bay cleanup program, slash billions from public school funding and student loan support, and make deep cuts to SNAP food stamps, benefits for the disabled, and children’s health insurance.

And just yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office released a report estimating that 23 million Americans could potentially lose their health insurance under the Gillespie-backed Trumpcare bill.

So guess what Ed Gillespie has said about the budget and the latest CBO score? Nothing.

Yet earlier this week on the Schilling Show, Ed Gillespie said that if elected governor, his administration will stand up to the federal government and any “abuse of authority.”

If that’s the case, then Ed Gillespie needs to start coming forward on how exactly he plans to do that -- particularly when it comes to Donald Trump’s devastating and cruel budget.

“If Ed Gillespie plans to use his administration as a watchdog for his own party’s president, then he better start explaining how he plans to hold the Trump administration accountable,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “Gillespie hasn’t made one move to distance himself from Donald Trump, which is why Virginians need to start hearing answers soon on how he plans to combat the deep cuts to programs that support Virginia's most vulnerable."