July 18, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

TONIGHT: Ben Cline (VA-06) to campaign with Corey Stewart — Will Comstock, Brat, and Taylor? 

by DPVA Press Office

As Stewart and Cline rally in Warren County, VA GOP Members of Congress refuse to answer whether they support Stewart

Richmond, VA -- Tonight in Warren County, Delegate Ben Cline is set to campaign with Republican standard-bearer Corey Stewart , making his support of Stewart loud and clear to VA-06 voters.The same transparency cannot be said about Republican Members of Congress Barbara Comstock, Dave Brat, and Scott Taylor. Despite over a month of being repeatedly questioned - Comstock, Brat, and Taylor have refused to say whether or not they'll appear alongside Stewart.

Delegate Cline, who is running as a clone of Trump-protecting Congressman Bob Goodlatte, is now all-in with Corey Stewart. He proudly stands shoulder to shoulder with a man whose ties to alt-right hate groups and individuals are well known. 

If joint campaign displays are any indicator, ComstockBrat and Taylor appear comfortable running with Corey Stewart. They just lack the courage that Cline does to say so publicly.

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker called on Comstock, Brat, and Taylor to take a page from Ben Cline's book and come clean with their constituents.

"We know where Ben Cline stands -- right next to Corey Stewart. As mind-blowing as it is to support someone like Corey, at least Delegate Cline is up front with VA-06 voters. The same cannot be said about Barbara Comstock, Dave Brat, and Scott Taylor. They would rather play hide and seek with their constituents than take a position on Corey and the things he represents. Pitiful."