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Trump’s extreme Supreme Court nominee

by DPVA Press Office

Vox: Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is “a veteran of every conservative cause you can imagine”

Add your name to tell the Senate to REJECT Trump’s extreme pick!

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s just-announced nominee to be America’s next Supreme Court justice, is as extreme as they come.

His track record does not indicate that he will protect the progress we've made on reproductive rights, health care, environmental protections, consumer protections, and more. In fact, Kavanaugh was hand-picked from a list of 25 potential nominees vetted by ultra-conservative organizations that are aiming to move the balance of the court to the right for generations to come.

If we don’t join together to tell the Senate to reject this disastrous nominee, every progressive achievement we’ve fought so hard for will be put at risk.

Will you add your name to tell the Senate to REJECT Donald Trump’s radical Supreme Court nominee?

The Supreme Court is responsible for making decisions that affect every single American -- from guaranteeing access to health care to defending abortion rights to voting on immigration laws -- so the Senate needs to confirm a justice who will move our country forward -- not backward.

If not, Mike Pence will get his wish and Roe v. Wade -- along with the Affordable Care Act -- will be “consigned to the ash heap of history.”

We can’t afford to let that happen.

Add your name and tell the Senate to REJECT Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s radical Supreme Court nominee.