January 4, 2019 Press Releases and Announcements

Virginia Republicans’ proposed tax hand-out to the super rich is wrong for the Commonwealth

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Virginia Republicans' proposed tax hand-out to the super rich is wrong for the Commonwealth

VA GOP tax cut for wealthy Virginians would lead to underfunding of education, transportation, broadband, and other important public needs

Richmond, VA – Earlier this afternoon, Virginia House Republicans unveiled a set of reckless tax proposals that would shortchange education, transportation, and public safety needs in order to further enrich the wealthiest Virginians.

The contrast between the Democratic priorities for the 2019 legislative session and today’s Republican super-rich tax giveaway could not be clearer. Governor Northam has rolled out fiscally responsible avenues to provide critical new investments in K-12 public education, including increased wages for teachers. Governor Northam also presented a plan to expand broadband access to all Virginiansincrease financial aid opportunities for college studentsmake fixes to I-81 that have been needed for a generation, all while enhancing Virginia’s financial reserves.

Today’s Republican tax giveaway to the rich would put this all at risk. Virginia Republicans would rather use this opportunity to further line the pockets of the wealthy while abandoning funding for Virginia’s children, teachers, roads, and infrastructure.

DPVA Communications Director Jake Rubenstein released the following statement regarding the Republicans' reckless tax cut out for wealthy Virginians.

“It’s clear - Governor Northam and Democrats in Virginia are committed to responsibly investing in public education, transportation and access to quality affordable health care while providing tax relief to those that need it the most. Republicans today made clear that investing in Virginia's public schools, roads and future isn't more important than a Trump-style tax cut for the wealthy.”