August 11, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Virginia Republicans Remain Silent After Trump Encourages Violence

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Earlier this week, Donald Trump once again displayed that he is unfit to be Commander In Chief after suggesting supporters might use violence as means to reverse Hillary Clinton's Supreme Court appointment if she is elected president. This is the latest and most egregious example of Donald Trump's long history of violent rhetoric.

As editorial boards, children of elected officials who have experienced political violence, including President Reagan's daughter, and fellow Republicans express outrage and deep concern, Virginia Republicans have remained completely silent.

Gubernatorial candidates Ed Gillespie, Rob Wittman, and even Trump's Virginia Chairman Corey Stewart have not commented on Trump's remarks. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and VA-05 Congressional Candidate - who just yesterday called Donald Trump "a smart man" - have both remained completely silent as well.

"Virginia Republicans need to rebuke Trump's casual and unprecedented call to violence - it's that simple," said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia. "Virginia Republicans' standard bearer insulted a Virginia Gold Star family, callously accepted a Purple Heart at a Virginia rally, and most recently, made a casual call to violence. This is someone who has been in our Commonwealth three times in three weeks. Virginia Republicans must do the right thing and condemn Donald Trump for the good of the Commonwealth."


From The Washington Post Editorial Board: " If he had not so often celebrated violence and wielded dark innuendo against political opponents, minority groups, journalists and others, it would be easier to give him the benefit of the doubt in this case. " [8/9/2016]

From The New York Times Editorial Board: “Republicans would do well to summon the integrity that Mr. McCain showed in 2008, and not just to give some sense of decency to this ugly campaign. The time has come for Republicans — including Mr. McCain — to repudiate Mr. Trump once and for all.”  [08/09/2016

From The Washington Post's Aaron Blake: "But when faced with an outcry after his controversial comments, Trump never admits error and never backs down -- no matter how strained the defense. Why should this time be any different? " [8/9/2016]

From The Atlantic's Ron Fournier: "...if Trump doesn’t understand the danger he loaded into his language; if he doesn’t know how to measure his words—he should not be president. " [08/10/2016]

NBC News: Reagan's Daughter: Trump's 'Second Amendment' Remark Is 'Horrifying' [8/11/2016]