November 16, 2017 Press Releases and Announcements

Virginia’s GOP Delegation Just Voted To Raise Taxes and Health Care Costs for Middle Class Families

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, Va. — Today, Virginia’s Republican Congressional delegation voted for a "tax reform" bill that will raise taxes on the more than 750,000 Virginia households that make less than $171,000. 

Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement condemning the vote:

"Have Republicans learned nothing? Last week, Virginians sent a clear message to the entire country that they are fed up with Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the rich and his cold-hearted plans to take away health care from millions. Voters made clear that they want leaders who will expand access to care — not make it more expensive in order to give massive tax cuts to corporations. But instead of listening to their constituents, Barbara Comstock, Scott Taylor and the entire Republican delegation today choose to ignore the people of Virginia and vote for Donald Trump’s tax scam. Our Republican delegation is more interested in being Donald Trump’s lapdogs than being a watchdog for the people of Virginia. Good luck with that."