September 21, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

Wexton Uses Experience, Record to Dominate Loudoun Chamber Debate

by Jennifer Wexton for Congress Press Office


September 21, 2018

Press Contact: Ray Rieling

Wexton Uses Experience, Record to Dominate Loudoun Chamber Debate

LEESBURG -- Today State Senator Jennifer Wexton dominated the Loudoun Chamber debate against Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and painted a stark contrast with Comstock’s deeply out-of-touch record in Congress. Drawing on her experience as a former local prosecutor, mom, and sitting State Senator, Wexton displayed a breadth of knowledge about the issues important to Northern Virginia residents and showed voters she will bring  to Congress the same common sense, solutions-oriented approach that she has displayed in the General Assembly..

“Time and again Congresswoman Comstock has said the right thing when the spotlight was on her, and then voted against the district and with President Trump when no one was looking, and today Senator Wexton called her on it,” said Ray Rieling, Wexton’s campaign manager. “Whether it was gutting protections for federal workers or voting for a tax giveaway that helps big corporations at the expense of Northern Virginia families, Congresswoman Comstock has supported the Trump agenda. Senator Wexton showed families in this district that with her service as a prosecutor and legislator, she will protect affordable health care, stand up for Northern Virginia’s federal workers and transportation priorities, and be an independent check on President Trump.”

On Metro, Wexton stressed the importance of the Federal Government covering its fair share of the cost including capital and operating costs. She pointed out that after years in office, Comstock had failed to present any solution to Metro that has earned a single regional co-sponsor.

On healthcare, Wexton commented that access to quality affordable healthcare should be a right, not a privilege of the few, and backed it up by highlighting her work to expand Medicaid in Virginia. She also highlighted that Republicans in Congress, including Barbara Comstock, have used their majority to consistently try to take healthcare away from people, undermine essential protections, and raise costs.  

Wexton showed the voters that, just like in Richmond where she passed over 40 bills all while in the minority, she will reach across the aisle in Congress to achieve bipartisan solutions for the people of Northern Virginia.