October 4, 2022 News & Press Releases

After Yesli Vega’s Embarrassing Kevin McCarthy Flip-Flop, Vega Pleads With Him to Resurrect Her Failing Campaign

by Democratic Party of Virginia

“I would not vote for Kevin McCarthy.” - Yesli Vega, April 2022

“[McCarthy] has earned my support” - Yesli Vega, September 2022

Richmond, VA – Yesli Vega, the anti-abortion extremist running in Virginia’s 7th District, is attempting to resurrect her failing campaign by inviting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to a fundraiser – just months after incessantly criticizing McCarthy as “weak” and “spineless.”

Vega’s past criticism of McCarthy – and her promise to Virginians that she would not vote for McCarthy for Speaker of the House if Republicans gain control of the lower chamber – begs the question: Ms. Vega, who do you answer to – the Virginians who you lied to earn their support for the Republican nomination, or the high-dollar donors of D.C.’s Republican elite? 

At a GOP Forum in April, Yesli Vega made it clear that Kevin McCarthy wasn’t extreme enough for her taste:

“I would not vote for Kevin McCarthy. I wouldn’t, and this is why. I’m frustrated, not just with Democrats, but I’m more so frustrated with Republicans. Weak Republicans that have no spine.,” said Vega at a GOP Forum on April 20th, 2022.

But last month, Vega flip-flopped, and told POLITICO: 

 “Leader McCarthy has worked very hard to unify our party and build a massive operation to take back the majority. He has earned my support in this effort.”

“As Ms. Vega continues to answer for her false statements about rape-related pregnancies and her extreme positions on abortion, she is relying on Kevin McCarthy’s high-dollar donors to resurrect her failing campaign,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “Virginians cannot trust a thing Ms. Vega tells them – because she will do anything to gain attention and campaign cash. First, she said that McCarthy isn’t extreme enough for her MAGA agenda, yet now, she is pleading with the GOP leader to come and resurrect her failing campaign. The only thing Virginians can trust Vega to do is impose an extreme agenda that includes outlawing abortion without exceptions, vote against funding local law enforcement, raising prescription drug prices for our seniors, and shutting down the federal government.”