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Congresswoman Comstock’s Strategy: Strategic Silence on Choice

by Democratic Party of Virginia

It's been more than a week since the Supreme Court struck down onerous abortion regulations that were designed to make it more difficult for women to make their own health care decisions. While many applauded the ruling, most prominent Republicans took the opportunity to double down on their anti-choice rhetoric, including Speaker Ryan.

Notably missing from the voices of dissent is Congresswoman Barbara Comstock - who is intentionally hiding her anti-choice position.

Why does this matter? Because Congresswoman Comstock has a fervently anti-choice record, including full blown anti-choice advocacy and support for TRAP measures similar to the Texas regulations that were struck down in the Supreme Courts:

  • Comstock voted for onerous anti-choice measures in Virginia that were similar to the Texas regulations struck down by the Supreme Court.
  • Comstock served as co-Chair of the Susan B. Anthony List, a group whose sole purpose is to bolster anti-choice, anti-women candidates - including Donald Trump.
  • Comstock championed Virginia's notorious transvaginal ultrasound bill that forced women to undergo an invasive probe in order to receive an abortion. Comstock also supported a personhood measure.
  • Comstock believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned.
  • Comstock's fervor for the anti-choice movement is most evident in her own words:

“My activity in the pro-life community is decades long, and I’ve been on the board of SBA for years, too. And my membership in the vast right-wing conspiracy is pretty well-documented." 

"It's baffling that someone who has described herself as having a 'decades long' record of anti-choice activism would be silent on the Supreme Court ruling - especially since she championed similar regulations in Virginia. It's abundantly clear that Congresswoman Comstock is hiding her record in order to gain favor in her pro-choice district." said Emily Bolton of the Democratic Party of Virginia.