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DPVA Statement on Sen. Vogel and Sen. Reeves Entering Race for Lieutenant Governor

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement in response to Senator Jill Vogel and Senator Bryce Reeves entering the race for Lieutenant Governor:
"Senator Vogel was the architect of the original transvaginal ultrasound bill that subjected Virginia to national ridicule and mandated an invasive and medically unnecessary procedure. Senator Reeves is famous for attempting a House of Cards-style political maneuver to make his re-election easier. It's abundantly clear that neither of these Senators put Virginians first. 
"Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam has shown Virginians unparalleled leadership by fighting for healthy families, the environment, and women's access to health care. His tie-breaking votes have blocked discrimination against members of the LGBT community, reckless gun laws, and helped advance legislation to raise wages for hardworking Virginians.
"Senator Vogel and Senator Reeves' out-of-touch positions would take Virginia back on the historic progress we've made under Lieutenant Governor Northam's leadership."
Editorial: A proposal that mocks democracy in Virginia
"Exhibit A for such electoral shenanigans is state Sen. Bryce E. Reeves (R-Spotsylvania) . Mr. Reeves, a culture warrior who wielded an antiabortion message to unseat a veteran Democrat in 2011, was evidently unnerved by his razor-thin margin of victory. He wanted extra Republican voters in his district as padding so that he doesn’t have to repeat the experience this fall, when he appears to face a strong Democratic challenge from Traci Dippert, a teacher. His fellow lawmakers, mainly Republicans, were happy to oblige. [...] In a move whose cynicism echoes the “democracies” of Russia, Syria and other unsavory places, Mr. Reeves pushed legislation that would trade precincts with a neighboring district. The goal — unobscured by Mr. Reeves’s smoke-blowing about unifying a couple of split precincts — is to export Democrats who might vote against him and import Republicans who look like a surer bet." [Washington Post, 2/19/2015
Vogel introduced the original Senate version of the transvaginal mandatory ultrasound bill [SB 484, 2012