October 6, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Ed “All In For Trump” Gillespie

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Gubernatorial candidate and Washington Insider Ed Gillespie has repeatedly tried to downplay his support for Donald Trump, but just yesterday, Ed Gillespie was seen proudly campaigning for the Trump-Pence ticket in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Later, his campaign sent out an email doubling down on his endorsement and encouraged supporters to join him in voting for Trump in November.


One thing is clear: Ed Gillespie proudly supports the most dangerous presidential candidate in modern history.

"It's abundantly clear that Ed Gillespie is all in for Donald Trump -  a candidate who insults Gold Star Families, veterans with PTSD, women, and people with disabilities. The Trump/Pence ticket is not compatible with Virginia values, and clearly, Ed Gillespie is more out-of-touch with Virginia voters than ever," said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia.