September 28, 2020 News & Press Releases

#FlashbackFreitas: Delegate Freitas Refuses to Protect Pregnant Women in the Workplace

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Virginians know that Delegate Nick Freitas can be forgetful. That's why it's useful to remind him of his previous extreme stances, statements, and votes. 

Today's reminder: Delegate Freitas - a small business operator - voted against protecting pregnant women in the workplace.

In March, Delegate Freitas voted AGAINST a bill to prevent employers from discriminating on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions

And LAST WEEK, Delegate Freitas DOUBLED DOWN on his votes against women in the workplace: 

"A woman goes into an interview, and a man goes into an interview for the same job, right. And let's say the woman is more qualified than the man, maybe not by a lot in this circumstance, but just a little bit more," said Freitas, President, Gold Team Consulting LLC. "Well if that business owner knows that if he hires the woman, his chance of being sued, not because he did anything wrong, but his chances of being sued are significantly higher. That puts the woman at a competitive disadvantage in the labor market against the man." 

"Hopefully the scenario Freitas described isn't something that he's done as a small business owner because that would be illegal. But it's no surprise Freitas was against a common sense measure to create equality in the workplace. When it comes to protecting access to health care coverage for thousands of Virginians or preventing discrimination against women, Freitas always puts his extremism over the needs of the people," said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox.