October 1, 2021 News & Press Releases

Fox News Poll: Glenn Youngkin’s Right Wing Agenda Underwater in Virginia

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Glenn Youngkin has long been peddling an unpopular right wing agenda. Now, a new Fox News poll is highlighting just how toxic Glenn Youngkin’s extreme views and policy positions are with Virginia voters. 

According to this new polling, Youngkin trails Terry McAuliffe by 50 points among Virginia voters who believe that the pandemic is the most important election issue. Particularly of note is Youngkin’s sizable deficit among Virginia parents –– who support Terry by 9+ points.

The Fox News poll comes as Glenn continues to double down on his dangerous anti-science agenda and shows just how unpopular his positions are in Virginia. See below for key insights into the poll’s findings: 

  • Among voters who say the pandemic is the most important issue to their vote, Terry leads Youngkin by 50% –– 72% to just 22%. 
  • An overwhelming majority of Virginians support the commonsense COVID-19 safety measures that Glenn vehemently opposes. 
    • 71% of Virginians support requiring teachers and students to wear masks in schools. 
    • 66% of Virginia voters are in favor of schools requiring teachers to be vaccinated. 
  • Virginians also overwhelmingly support vaccine mandates. 
    • They support the federal government requiring companies with more than 100 employees mandate vaccinations or weekly testing for workers by 60-36.
  • Terry also leads Glenn among Black voters, moderates, women and parents. 

Glenn Youngkin and his policies are not only dangerous, but they’re deeply unpopular –– and this is yet another reminder that he is wrong for Virginia.