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Gillespie Chimes in on Presidential Election?

by Democratic Party of Virginia

In an email to supporters today, Ed Gillespie's PAC Director said that the likely gubernatorial candidate was traveling "across the Commonwealth this year talking to Virginians about the stakes of this year's presidential election...
Yet, Ed Gillespie has refused to tell Virginians who he supports for President. He also refuses to condemn Trump at a time where his rhetoric has becoming increasingly harmful and offensive. 

Here's the full text of the paragraph:

"I'll be sure to keep you updated with more news from the HQ as Ed travels across the Commonwealth this year talking to Virginians about the stakes of this year's presidential election, and how to get Virginia growing again when we win statewide races in our Commonwealth next year."
Gillespie's silence is raising several concerns: 
  • Virginians deserve to know who Gillespie is backing for President. With Trump at the helm, there's too much at stake. Someone who wants to serve in Virginia's highest office cannot cower at a time when political tension and abhorrent rhetoric is at an all-time high. Virginians need real leadership.


  • What is Ed Gillespie doing behind closed doors to influence delegate selection in Virginia? Meddling Ed is probably up to his old tricks - "talking about the stakes of this year's presidential election" could mean he's influencing Virginia delegate selection for a second ballot scenario. 
    • Gillespie's close friend Karl Rove has opposed Trump and just a few days ago said the Republican Party could use a "fresh face" as the nominee. Rove has been working publicly and behind the scenes to stop Trump, who he believes will deliver a victory to Democrats. 
    • The Republican Party of Virginia will hold their nominating convention on April 30th. 


"Gillespie is traversing the Commonwealth talking about the presidential election yet, he still refuses to tell Virginians who he supports. If he is attempting to influence the Republican presidential nominating contest, he should be transparent about who he is manipulating the outcome for. Virginians need a real leader, not a political operator who refuses to condemn dangerous rhetoric," - Emily Bolton, Communications Director, Democratic Party of Virginia