August 12, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin Coddles Anti-Vaccine Extremists

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — This week, news broke that Youngkin is campaigning on his fawning admiration for Ron DeSantis — whose reckless, anti-COVID safety “leadership” has been a disaster for Floridians. Now, Amanda Chase — one of Youngkin’s top Virginia allies — is on the trail boasting about her extreme opposition to vaccines.

As Youngkin refuses to disavow Chase’s dangerous rhetoric, he is leaning further and further into the GOP’s anti-COVID safety crusade. Today, new Associated Press reporting illustrates how Glenn Youngkin and Republicans across the country are doubling down on their opposition to critical COVID safety measures.

Associated Press: Republicans take to mask wars as virus surges in red states

Top Republicans are battling school districts in their own states’ urban, heavily Democratic areas over whether students should be required to mask up as they head back to school — reigniting ideological divides over mandates even as the latest coronavirus surge ravages the reddest, most unvaccinated parts of the nation. [...]

Even the Republican gubernatorial candidate in the purple state of Virginia has decried school mask mandates in the name of parental rights. [...] Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has vowed not to mandate masks in schools if elected.

Once again, Youngkin’s stance puts him on the wrong side of a critical issue for Virginians, especially as Democrats work to lead us out of this devastating pandemic.

“It has long been clear that Glenn Youngkin is no leader — he’s a follower to the most extreme members of the Republican Party,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “Our next governor must be one who will stand up and protect the health and safety of all Virginians — not one who will coddle right wing extremists and prolong this pandemic for political gain.”