June 9, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin is Donald Trump’s Hand-Picked Candidate for Virginia

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Yesterday’s results are a critical reminder that this November, Virginians face a choice between Terry McAuliffe and Donald Trump’s hand-picked candidate. Glenn Youngkin is running on his complete allegiance to Trump — who gave Youngkin his “Complete and Total” endorsement immediately after the Virginia GOP convention.

Youngkin says that he is “honored” to have Donald Trump’s endorsement and refuses to separate himself from the former president on any policy area. Youngkin is even telling Virginians that “Trump represents so much of why I'm running.” 

While Terry McAuliffe will create jobs, protect and expand Virginians’ health care, invest in Virginia’s workers, and build on the commonwealth’s COVID recovery, Glenn Youngkin is advancing extreme Republican policies. Youngkin’s far-right agenda consists of:

  • Attacking Medicaid expansion and opposing efforts to protect the Affordable Care Act.
  • Opposing critical COVID-19 relief for working families and small businesses.
  • Obstructing efforts to invest in America’s future and rebuild Virginia’s infrastructure.
  • Advancing Donald Trump’s dangerous election lies and restricting voting rights.
  • Fighting to rip away reproductive rights and opposing the right to choose.
  • Threatening LGBTQ rights and equality. 

“While Terry McAuliffe focuses on building a better future for all Virginians, Glenn Youngkin is running because of Donald Trump,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “Youngkin is advancing an extreme Republican agenda that would be devastating for the commonwealth and put Virginians’ health care and economic recovery at risk. 

“Virginians have repeatedly rejected Donald Trump and the Republican Party — and this November, they will once again.”