June 24, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin Refuses to Endorse Plan That Would Lower Crime in Virginia

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — While President Biden and Terry McAuliffe are committed to working to bring down crime and end gun violence, Glenn Youngkin is refusing to join the fight. Instead, Youngkin is advancing an extreme agenda that will leave more dangerous guns on the street. Just like his top endorser Donald Trump, Youngkin speaks and acts only with the NRA’s stamp of approval.

Just yesterday, while Terry McAuliffe voiced his support for President Biden’s comprehensive strategy to prevent gun crime and protect public safety, Glenn Youngkin refused to join him. Youngkin’s inability to answer the call and support a plan that will help lower crime is yet another testament to how wrong his agenda truly is.

Instead of joining Terry, Youngkin hid from answering this important question while he went on Fox News twice to continue spreading the divisive lies and hate his campaign is founded on. This comes as Youngkin’s cowardly refusal to accept any new debate invitations continues on.

“Youngkin must stop hiding from Virginians and answer for his extreme gun agenda that would make communities across our commonwealth less safe,” said DPVA spokesman Manuel Bonder. “Youngkin’s refusal to endorse a plan that would help lower crime rates is at odds with Terry’s top priority of keeping Virginians safe. An extreme Republican like Glenn Youngkin who will not commit to fighting to end gun violence and lower our crime rates belongs nowhere near the governorship.”