June 24, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin’s Opposition to Gun Safety is Dangerously Wrong for Virginia

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — President Biden’s announcement of a comprehensive strategy to reduce gun violence and violent crime is a crucial step forward. In Virginia, the fight to curb crime and stop gun violence is ongoing -- and it will require the continued commitment of leaders across the commonwealth. 

Today, Terry McAuliffe voiced his support for President Biden’s efforts to address rising gun crime and ensure public safety, and called on Glenn Youngkin to do the same. As Terry stated:

“Glenn Youngkin wants to make it easier for dangerous criminals to get guns. Virginians know the pain of gun violence all too well, and they need a governor who will support aggressive measures to address the rising gun crime rates. Glenn needs to speak up and say if he supports the measures announced today.”

The reality is that Youngkin has made his dangerous, NRA-approved agenda clear. Youngkin said that rolling back efforts to stop gun violence is a top priority of his and has told Virginians that he would refuse to support any gun safety legislation whatsoever. 

“I will not sign a piece of legislation that has anything to do with imposing limitations on our Second Amendment.” —Glenn Youngkin

As noted by the Washington Post Editorial Board, Youngkin poses a threat to gun safety measures such as universal background checks and red flag laws. Youngkin stands with the NRA and has doubled down on his professed desire to put more guns into Virginia communities if elected. Glenn Youngkin’s extreme Republican politics are dangerously wrong for Virginia.