May 25, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin’s New Ad Can’t Hide His Extreme, Pro-Trump Agenda

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Glenn Youngkin is staunchly opposed to the popular relief driving Virginia’s economic recovery

Richmond, VA — Today, the Virginia GOP’s pro-Trump nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin released a campaign ad that tries to hide his extreme, unpopular agenda. Even though Virginians won’t hear this in his ad, Youngkin is running on his complete allegiance to Donald Trump, who Youngkin says “represents so much of why I’m running.” 

That dangerous agenda includes threatening to gut Virginians’ health care, attacking reproductive rights, opposing action to stop gun violence, and parroting dangerous election conspiracies.

When it comes to Virginia’s economic recovery from COVID-19, Youngkin has attacked the widely popular American Rescue Plan -- calling it “unnecessary” and saying it “absolutely is wrong” -- despite the critical relief it provides to working families, small businesses, and entire communities across the Commonwealth. Youngkin also steadfastly opposes the Biden administration’s proposal to invest in America, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, and help create millions of good jobs to strengthen the economy.

“Glenn Youngkin’s ad won’t cover up the fact that he is more concerned with proving his total loyalty to Donald Trump than he is about supporting critical relief for Virginia working families and small businesses,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “Youngkin’s disastrous agenda of opposing economic recovery is a threat to communities across the Commonwealth. Virginia’s next governor must be someone who will fight for working families -- not against them.”