April 28, 2017 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Governor McAuliffe Makes History by Expanding Access to Democracy

by Katie Baker

RICHMOND, Va. – The Democratic Party of Virginia tonight issued the following statement regarding Gov. Terry McAuliffe's announcement today that he has restored a record-breaking 156,000 Virginians' voting and civil rights.

“Today, Governor McAuliffe has shown us once again what true leadership looks like," said DPVA spokeswoman Katie Baker. "By restoring the voting rights of 156,000 Virginians, he has given these members of our community a meaningful shot at a second chance. Unfortunately, like so many other civil rights issues, restoration has been an uphill battle. If Virginia Republicans had their way, the Governor would have been denied his constitutional powers to restore these rights, ensuring a lifetime of disenfranchisement and second-class citizenship for these Virginians. We thank Governor McAuliffe for standing up to those who stood in the way of progress, and for giving a voice to the tens of thousands of Virginians who have paid their debt to society and reintegrated into their communities.”

Read ABC3's report on the Governor's accomplishment here: http://www.whsv.com/content/news/Gov-McAuliffe-restores-more-voting-rights-than-any-governor-in-US-history-420660033.html.