May 9, 2022 News & Press Releases

Governor Youngkin’s Continues Failed Business Practices, New Policy Will Put Virginia At A Disadvantage

by Democratic Party of Virginia

“I think it certainly makes us less competitive with the private sector” - A Virginia State Agency Director

Richmond, VA – During Public Service Week, Governor Youngkin continued his failed business practices and announced a new internal policy: forcing government employees to return to the office. A recent report by the Richmond Times-Dispatch outlined how the new policy is out of touch with current industry trends and even an anonymous state agency director stated, “I think it certainly makes us less competitive with the private sector.” 

Governor Youngkin campaigned as a successful businessman, but his record at Carlyle paints an entirely different picture. As co-Ceo, Youngkin “shepherded several bets and strategies that chalked up losses” that eventually led to him being pushed out of the company. His time as a “business leader” was filled with financial failures and failed leadership that he attempted to distance himself from on the campaign trail.

Now as Governor, Youngkin is continuing those same practices and ignoring workforce trends for his own personal politics. Instead of adapting and innovating to the 21st century, Governor Youngkin is forcing archaic policies and is putting Virginia at a disadvantage for recruiting new talent to the state. 

Look no further than the business giants: Boeing, Amazon and Google which have all maximized effectiveness in the workplace by establishing a hybrid policy. These policies would ensure that they don’t lose talent, boost morale, and overall improve productivity. Maybe the Governor should take a lesson or two.  

“If Governor Youngkin continues to bring his failed business policies from Carlyle to Virginia then we are all in trouble,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “Instead of modernizing our workforce and having the Commonwealth compete with the private sector, Governor Youngkin is tying Virginia's hands behind its back. He preaches about his ‘successful’ business practices, but his record at Carlyle and as Governor says differently.”