January 16, 2017 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Hack Attack: Ed Gillespie only cares about taxpayer money when it benefits his partisan agenda

by Democratic Party of Virginia

This weekend, Ed Gillespie kicked off his campaign for governor and didn't waste any time showing Virginians why they can't trust him to lead their Commonwealth. As part of Gillespie's rollout speech, he launched an attack about an economic development deal in Appomattox County that has fallen through and could cost Virginia $1.4 million. 
The problem? Gillespie's political ally Bob McDonnell wasted nearly 200 times more money on a road that was never permitted or built. And unfortunately, Gillespie watched his friend and ally Bob McDonnell flush $260 million of taxpayer money down the toilet on the U.S. Route 460 project without so much as a peep about wasted taxpayer dollars. 
Governor McAuliffe and Democrats are reforming VEDP and cleaning up the mess of the Route 460 debacle -- because real leaders don't put their partisan agenda ahead of Virginia taxpayers. Picking and choosing when to care about taxpayers may work for a D.C. lobbyist, but Virginians expect more from their governors.