May 18, 2021 News & Press Releases

ICYMI: Democratic Leaders Highlight Glenn Youngkin’s Far-Right Agenda, Contrast Vision at Alexandria Press Conference

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Second stop of “Where Trump Leads, Glenn Follows” press tour took place in Alexandria

Richmond, VA — Today, DPVA held another press conference with Democratic leaders highlighting what is at stake in this election due to Glenn Youngkin and the Virginia GOP’s extreme agenda. The far-right platform Youngkin is running on includes attacking Medicaid expansion, attacking reproductive rights in Virginia, opposing critical COVID-19 relief, and advancing Trump’s deadly Big Lie.

Democratic leaders highlighted the case against Glenn Youngkin and the Virginia GOP’s extreme agenda and illustrated a strong contrasting vision to keep Virginia moving forward.

See below for key excerpts and watch the full conversation here.

Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn

“The work we have done truly has saved lives and transformed the Commonwealth of Virginia. But at every step of the way, Virginia Republicans in Richmond stood in our way, choosing to obstruct, choosing to oppose popular legislation supported by Virginians who identify with both parties...the Virginia Republican party is the Virginia Trump Party. And while they have a new statewide ticket led by Glenn Youngkin, they are running the same failed policies of Donald Trump.”  

“If Virginia Republicans get the chance they will enact those failed Trump policies in the Commonwealth of Virginia...I am confident that as our economy continues to improve, Virginians continue to get vaccinated and return to a normal life, the Trump-Youngkin agenda will look increasingly out of step with values and preferences of Virginians.”

SEIU Virginia 512 President David Broder

“The American Jobs Plan makes an unprecedented, essential, and frankly long overdue investment in home care, creating good union jobs and making sure that hundreds of thousands of families have the long term care services that they and their loved ones need...And yet somehow Glenn Youngkin opposes it. He thinks that the American Jobs Plan is “‘irresponsible’” and “‘wrong.’”

“When the lives of Virginia families -- your families and my family -- are on the line, that kind of blanket hyper-partisan opposition is just plain dangerous. It’s clear where Glenn Youngkin stands. He doesn’t understand what Virginia working families want and need because he has chosen to stand with Donald Trump. He has put himself and his wealthy friends and corporate insiders before hardworking Virginians.” 

“We refuse to leave behind the Virginians who have worked the hardest and put their health on the line. But that’s exactly what Glenn Youngkin would have us do. With our health care, with the economic security of all Virginians on the ballot this November -- especially frontline workers, older adults, and people with disabilities -- we simply cannot afford Glenn Youngkin’s extreme Trumpist views anywhere near the governor’s office.”

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia Executive Director Jamie Lockhart

“The gubernatorial nomination of Glenn Youngkin sends a clear message: Republicans in Virginia want to undo the work we have done to ensure access to reproductive health care.” 

“Virginia can’t afford to go back to a time when patients seeking abortion care were shamed and had to go through an obstacle course of medically unnecessary restrictions.” 

“Our rights are at stake if Glenn Youngkin becomes governor. We must move the Commonwealth forward by retaining the rights we have already fought so hard for while continuing to expand sexual and reproductive health care access.” 

Del. Kathy Tran

“We know that health care is important, and this pandemic has underscored the incredible need to ensure that health care is high quality, that it’s affordable, and available for all Virginians -- especially our most vulnerable families.”

“We must go forward in expanding health care, not backwards. Youngkin doesn’t support the Affordable Care Act, he doesn’t support Medicaid expansion, and he doesn’t support reproductive health care.” 

Del. Suhas Subramanyam

“Just recently, Youngkin said that ‘Trump represents so much of why I'm running.’ He’s refused to say how he would separate himself from Trump on any policy areas. To Virginians, it’s already clear where Youngkin stands.”

“He’s already made it clear that he would threaten Virginians’ health care and endanger the crucial progress we’ve made with Medicaid expansion. He’d rip away reproductive rights and imperil a woman’s right to choose in Virginia, roll back our voting rights and put in place draconian voting restrictions on the basis of Donald Trump’s Big Lie. And, he would oppose critical investments to fix our infrastructure and build a better future for Virginia.”