April 21, 2021 News & Press Releases

In Latest Sign of Extremism, Virginia GOP Candidates Earn Straight A’s From The NRA

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Today, the NRA released candidate ratings, awarding straight A’s to every Republican running for statewide office except Glenn Youngkin who is still coming up with excuses for not filling it out. The ratings are the latest sign that the GOP candidates are far too extreme for Virginians, who overwhelmingly support common sense gun safety measures. 

Gubernatorial candidates Kirk Cox and Amanda Chase were each awarded A’s for their legislative records -- further evidence that there’s no daylight between their extreme far-right positions. In fact, Cox and Chase voted the same way on all major gun safety bills this year. 

The NRA has long been a fan of Cox. He let them use his office in the Virginia Capitol before shutting down the special legislative session to address gun violence in just 90 minutes after the tragic Virginia Beach shooting in 2019. Chase has flaunted her extreme views on guns, including running an ad vowing to “shoot down” gun safety groups. 

Pete Snyder, who’s endorsed by former NRA president Oliver North and held a “second amendment rally” on the eve of the anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting, passed the NRA’s questionnaire with flying colors. Snyder earned the top rating for candidates without a voting record. 

While Glenn Youngkin failed to fill out a questionnaire, he is scrambling to assure his fellow Republicans he is just as extreme as his fellow candidates, putting out a statement in which he compared himself to Donald Trump and claimed to be a “lifetime member” of the NRA. 

“These A ratings are a clear sign that Virginia Republicans will fail to do anything to address the epidemic of gun violence that communities across our commonwealth and country are enduring,” said DPVA spokesman Manuel Bonder. “While the vast majority of Virginians support common sense gun safety measures, these candidates are doubling down on their extreme positions and vowing to roll back laws that keep Virginians safe.”