October 4, 2021 News & Press Releases

On Right-Wing Radio, Glenn Youngkin Says He Will “Stand Up” for the Right of Unvaccinated Teachers to Infect Students

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA —  Glenn Youngkin appeared on far-right Breitbart radio to continue his crusade against science and the effectiveness of vaccines by saying he will “stand up” for the right of unvaccinated teachers to expose and infect Virginia’s schoolchildren with COVID-19.  

“Teachers were coming up to me last night at this game and saying, please help us, because, one, we're not comfortable with the vaccine [...] we're not comfortable getting it right now. [...] We're going to stand up for students or stand up for teachers."

One thing is clear: Glenn will “stand up” to put the lives of our children and their families at risk for political points but he will not stand up and show the necessary leadership to support common sense public health measures like requiring vaccines or wearing masks in schools. 

Throughout his campaign, Youngkin has been peddling a dangerous anti-COVID safety agenda, opposing and promising to repeal all vaccine requirements and rejecting CDC guidance for keeping Virginians and students safe. Youngkin has urged Virginians to opt-out of vaccine requirements for “whatever reason” and opposes COVID safety measures the majority of Virginians support. Virginia doctors have already condemned Glenn for advancing this dangerous rhetoric throughout his campaign. Youngkin is also funding anti-vaccine Republican candidates. 

Just last week, new reporting highlighted his growing anti-vaccine record and his refusal to support the vaccine requirements that keep Virginians safe and healthy. And when asked about supporting requirements for other vaccines at last week’s debate, Glenn stumbled to find an answer before reverting to his right-wing talking points that spread disinformation and cast doubt on the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Glenn’s pattern of anti-vaccine rhetoric is disqualifying and his comments about ‘standing up’ for the rights of others to put the lives of Virginia's children is egregious. Glenn Youngkin belongs nowhere near the governorship.