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Pence: Bad for the LGBT Community, Bad for Business and Bad for Virginia

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Tonight, Mike Pence hits the stage at the Republican National Convention.

The Indiana governor is the original champion of the anti-LGBT, so-called "religious freedom" push in the Republican Party - an issue that knocked on Virginia's front door earlier this year before Governor McAuliffe vetoed the discriminatory measure.

So-called "religious freedom" bills aren't just wrong - they're bad for business. Pence's law cost Indiana an estimated 12 conferences at a loss of $60 million and forced Angie's List to call off a massive $40 million dollar expansion with 1,000 new jobs in Indiana.

Where do Ed Gillespie and Congressman Rob Wittman stand on Governor Pence and his anti-LGBT platform?

Rob Wittman has celebrated Pence on the Trump ticket, saying that he's "a great complement to Donald Trump."

And Washington Insider Ed Gillespie....? Crickets, of course.