October 22, 2019 News & Press Releases

Politifact Dismantles Kirk Cox’s New Fear-Mongering Ad

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Politifact Dismantles Kirk Cox's New Fear-Mongering Ad 

Fact checkers say Cox misled voters and rate his ad "mostly false"  

Key Points

Cox’s ad says "Sheila Bynum-Coleman said, ‘We need to get the police out of schools.’" Bynum-Coleman used those words in a lengthy answer she gave to a question about the "prison-to-school pipeline," affecting many black students. 


Cox ignores this easily available context and, in an era of mass shootings, misleadingly creates the impression that Bynum-Coleman said she would leave schools unprotected. 

See below from Politifact Virginia: 


Politifact: Cox ad distorts Bynum-Coleman statement on police in schools

By Warren Fiske

October 22, 2019

House Speaker Kirk Cox, R-Colonial Heights, has been running a TV ad accusing his opponent, Democrat Sheila Bynum-Coleman, of wanting to remove police from public schools.

The ad starts with a narrator saying, "Sheila Bynum-Coleman said…" and cuts to a tape of the candidate saying, "We need to get the police out of the schools. Get the police out of the schools."

Then the ad shows four "real moms, not actors," sitting at a kitchen table, holding coffee mugs and disagreeing with Bynum-Coleman.

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