April 28, 2021 News & Press Releases

Republicans In Disarray: GOP Candidate and Trump’s Virginia Campaign Chair Slam House Republican Leadership As “Do-Nothing Republicans”

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — While chaos and infighting has defined the top of the Virginia GOP ticket this year, things are no better for down-ballot Republicans. Yesterday the Virginia GOP's nominee in House District 7, Marie March, joined Donald Trump's Virginia campaign chair John Fredericks in bashing House Republican leadership as "RINOs" and "do-nothing Republicans." 

"All the establishment, the never-Trumpers, the RINOs, [House Minority Leader] Todd Gilbert, the whole bunch of them, the do-nothing Republicans in the House...these people do nothing. I’ve never seen a minority leadership worse than what we’ve got right in the House of Delegates in Virginia," said Fredericks while March agreed. 

March has drawn criticism for attending the January 6 Stop The Steal rally in Washington, D.C. and is a vocal Amanda "Trump in heels" Chase supporter. During her conversation with Fredericks, March warned that House Republican leadership "is not even going to know what to do with me," mirroring similar threats made by Chase.  

March isn't the only Virginia Republican criticizing her party's leaders. Republican candidate for governor Pete Snyder recently said, "the Republican Party of Virginia has been an unmitigated disaster over the past 10 years," while former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman has condemned the current field of GOP gubernatorial candidates for spreading election conspiracy theories and mimicking Donald Trump. But with more candidates like March following in the footsteps of Chase, extremism within the Virginia GOP is only going to get worse. 

"Virginia Republicans can't seem to go a single day without attacking each other. The bitter divisiveness that has plagued their field of gubernatorial candidates is now trickling down-ballot, and it's another sign that House Republicans are fully embracing Donald Trump's right-wing extremism," said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox