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A Tale of Two Conventions: Virginia Democrats and Virginia Republicans

by Democratic Party of Virginia

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) has been described as unifying, patriotic, and upbeat while the Republican National Convention (RNC) has been described as "midnight in America."
As a key swing state, both Virginia Republicans and Virginia Democrats were highlighted at their conventions, but the news coverage, headlines, and photos tell two very different stories. 
See for yourself: 


“Women in Virginia delegation inspired by Clinton's historic moment” - Jim Nolan [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 7/29/2016]

"Women Dems Watch Hillary Clinton Make History" - Julie Carey [NBC4, 7/29/2016]

"Local Democrats Feel Positive" - Tony Brown [Daily News Record, 7/29/2016]

“At Convention, Democrats Look to Counter GOP With Upbeat Message” - Aru Pande [Voice of America, 7/23/2016]

“Sen. Tim Kaine rouses Virginia delegation in Philadelphia, rips Donald Trump” Jim Nolan, [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 7/27/2016]

“Virginians Front-and-Center at the Democratic National Convention” - Sandy Hausman [WVTF, 7/25/2016]


“As Republican National Convention opens, Virginia delegation meets behind closed doors” - Graham Moomaw and Jeff Schapiro [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 7/18/2016]

“Virginia's Ken Cuccinelli gains national attention, but what's his goal?” - Patrick Wilson [Virginian-Pilot, 7/19/2016]

“Ken Cuccinelli Has Temper Tantrum at Republican National Convention” - Skip Wood [Patch, 7/19/2016]

“Virginia delegation tries to mend after Donald Trump-Ted Cruz feud flares at convention” - Graham Moomaw [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 7/21/2016]

“Virginia Republicans - like rest of nation's - are fighting an emotional battle for party unity” - Patrick Wilson [Virginian-Pilot, 7/21/2016]


In Virginia and across the country, publications took photos of the Virginia delegation to illustrate their DNC takeaways on optimism, unity and patriotism in the Democratic Party.

Loudoun Times-Mirror - Front Row Seat: Virginia Commands Spotlight in Philly

Philadelphia Inquirer - Buoyed by Hope

The New York Times - Who Loves America?


Meanwhile, Virginia Republicans gained attention for holding closed-door meetings, creating strife on the convention floor, and a general lack of unity.

Richmond Times-Dispatch - As Republican National Convention opens, Virginia delegation meets behind closed doors

Politico - Cuccinelli on rules rebuff: 'This is disgusting'

Washington Post - Cuccinelli’s floor fight draws rebukes, fans — and attention